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Company Values

Company Values

Project Management

Project success hinges on faithful plan implementation aligned with client agreements and senior management goals. The project team operates within established parameters, closely monitored for deviations. Ultimate ownership remains with the company's head office, emphasizing continuous two-way communication. Deploying right resources and ensuring adherence to operating procedures creates a harmonized effort toward "SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION."


Head Office planning engineers execute project planning, coordinating MEP works in line with the overall plan.

Stage 1 : involves a strategic project appraisal during the tender phase, aligning manpower and material schedules with milestones.

Stage 2 : develops sub-contract programs based on the main contract, using tools like bar charts for communication.

Stage 3 : includes supporting schedules for drawing production and material procurement, identifying and addressing production issues.

Stage 4 : a monitoring system utilizing CPI, SPI, and EVM detects production shortfalls early, estimating and communicating changes within project constraints.

Quality Assurance System

A M E P Contracting L.L.C. has developed a system of Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) since its establishment, complying to the international standards, code of best practice and lessons learned data published by other firms in the international as well as local market. A M E P’s QA/QC Documents includes a Quality Manual demonstrating the company quality policy and objectives and impose the main tasks of operation methods and responsibility of the key personnel. Procedures and processes covers the operation system and flow of activities of departments. All these procedures are well understood and fully implemented by A M E P’s team members and personnel. Internal Quality Audit shows real commitment and full adherence to the Quality System. Quality Management Department (QMD) in coordination with the Contracts Department establishes quality plans for projects in compliance with the Company Quality System, the Project Requirements and the Project Program. The QMD has originated a Company Standard Quality Plan (SQP), which includes the following elements:

General information

definitions and scope

Company Quality System

Process sequence

Responsibilities for the plan execution


Scope and technique of inspection

Plans of inspection and testing

Process parameters and criteria of acceptance

References used to support the process